November 30

Caravan friendly home designs in high demand by Aussie Adventurers


Searching for the ideal home base that can safely store your caravan or RV when you're not on the road?

A recent boom in the popularity of hooking up the van and touring Australia has also created a massive demand for need for caravan friendly garages and additional storage solutions. These garage height and depth requirements have proven to be incredibly hard to find in homes listed for sale, and even harder to add to homes after they are purchased in a cost effective and practical way. Most homes simply can't be renovated to accommodate these unique storage requirements, and finding a home with side access and space for a new garage can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Today's adventurous home buyer 'wish list' items

The wish list requirements of Aussie Adventurers doesn't begin and end with just space for storage of their caravan or RV. 

Many of today's Adventurers are younger than ever before. This new group of enthusiasts share many of the same requirements as our Grey Nomads, but also require homes that feature modern designs and functional home offices to allow them to comfortably transition into retirement over the coming years at a pace that suits them.

And when you lock up and hit the road, it's important to know you can switch off and really relax. To ensure this is possible the wish list requirements for the optimal home base also includes a modern home security system featuring CCTV's allowing you to view your home whist on the road from your choice of mobile device. 

Even your gardens and lawns should not be forgotten whilst you're away for months on end. Quality automated irrigation systems should also feature on the wish lists of home buyers looking for the optimal home base.

How to secure the optimal home base

Oasis Estates are not only located in the most ideal locations for Aussie Adventures, we also offer a range of homes custom designed to meet all these wish list requirements, plus more!

Our designs feature plenty of space for cars, caravans, RV's and even boats and trailers. We share your passion for hitching up the caravan and exploring Australia and our homes reflect this deep understanding of what the ultimate home base should provide.

We also understand that importance of affordability, ensuring you can secure a quality home without stealing away your ability to afford to travel. Best of all, you own the land and unlike the over 50's lifestyle villages, there is no rent to pay or messy red tape to deal with in our estates.

View our Adventure Series homes 

For more details about our custom home designs click here, we're confident you will love them.

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